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About me studyI started writing this blog in 2010. In my head. Then I did what most people do. I got “too busy.” Got scared. Swallowed my words.

I thought the fact that I had countless mom fails, fashion escapades, fitness journeys, food adventures, and a family life was just a ME thing.

Who would care if I take the worst selfies in America, or that I’m in my forties, I’m still  trying to figure out how to be an adult?

Recently I was told I’m about 15 years too late to start a blog. Oops. Add that to my list of fails. I say the time to start anything is the time you actually start it. I feel compelled to write for women, both younger and older than me, but once I hit the F word –  40, I realized women my age need someone to relate to.

We may not be the greatest at Instagram filters, we may not be able to sport the resurgence of 90’s midriffs, and we may still use Facebook, but we, (like all women) are empowered, wise, bold, creative, and it’s time to finally be comfortable with who we are.

I’m still a work in progress, straddling the line between a wanna be influencer and what some people call middle age, but I want to share this time of my life. I’d like to offer hope, swap stories, make people think, laugh, and to remember how pure it is to laugh at myself.

So here goes.

Ready or not.

F it.

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